Hiring An Immigration Attorney To Cut Through The Red Tape

Often, people coming into the country that are not born here or are not citizens can struggle to get through the process of immigrating legally. There are many situations where an individual can benefit from the advice or services of an immigration lawyer to get through the process and become a legal immigrant to the US. Visas and Green Cards For someone coming into the US to work for a company, a visa is required that will allow them to enter the country and stay here legally. Read More 

Don’t Risk Your Future: Why You Need An Immigration Attorney Right Away

If you've come into the United States illegally, you need to hire an immigration attorney as quickly as possible. The current immigration climate in the United States makes it crucial that you have legal representation, especially if you happen to be detained by immigration services. If you can't afford legal representation, there are services available to help you. Here are just four of the reasons why you need an immigration attorney: Read More 

Key Facts About Family Immigration Law When You Hope To Sponsor Someone Who Is Fleeing Religious Persecution

If you hope to sponsor a family member who is fleeing their country of origin due to religious persecution, there are numerous qualifications that you must comply agree with in order to be able to do so. For instance, you must be able to establish that your financial position will permit you to support that person, and his or her dependents, if applicable, for up to ten years. In addition, the applicant's situation must meet the qualifications for religious persecution. Read More 

Use These Suggestions To Avoid Delays When You Want To Be A US Citizen

For many people, becoming a citizen of the United States is something they have always dreamed of. Being a citizen in this country provides a number of privileges and benefits, but it is sometimes tricky and tough to do everything you need to do in a timely manner. Here are some suggestions to avoid delays throughout the citizenship process. Start Today If you are like many people, you may misjudge how long it takes to earn your citizenship in the United States. Read More 

Difficulties Of Gaining A Green Card

You may be in the United States as a nonimmigrant or parolee temporary resident. If you are ready to gain permanent immigrant status, you will need an immigration attorney to help you obtain a green card. This process is called "adjustment of status" and is seldom easy or straightforward. Navigating the labyrinth of the Immigration and Nationality Act can test even the most experienced attorney.  Basis for Immigration An immigration attorney can help you determine if you fit one of the categories for immigration. Read More