Hiring An Immigration Attorney To Cut Through The Red Tape

Often, people coming into the country that are not born here or are not citizens can struggle to get through the process of immigrating legally. There are many situations where an individual can benefit from the advice or services of an immigration lawyer to get through the process and become a legal immigrant to the US.

Visas and Green Cards

For someone coming into the US to work for a company, a visa is required that will allow them to enter the country and stay here legally. The problem is, there are many types of work visas to choose from, so getting the right visa can be difficult. If you are unsure about what visa you need or if a green card is required for you to live and work in the US, hiring an immigration attorney is an excellent place to start. 

The attorney can help you sort through all the confusion and help you determine the right visa for your stay. Many companies that recruit from outside the US have immigration attorneys on staff that can help, but if your company does not, you can hire one to help. 

Illegal Entry and Deportation

If you immigrated into the US illegally but have established yourself with a good job and a home and you have not been in any trouble, you can still be deported by the government. Sometimes proving you are a productive member of society and applying for the right paperwork can help you stay in the country and establish yourself legally.

The process can be complicated, especially if you are facing deportation, but hiring a lawyer that works with immigration cases may be helpful. Your lawyer can help you apply for legal status and try to delay deportation until the paperwork is filed with the federal government. Often, these filings can delay a hearing pending the outcome of the immigration application and may be just what you need to stay in the country and get your status changed.

Paperwork Delays

If you have filed for a visa or green card and the application seems to be held up somewhere along the line, getting an immigration lawyer involved can help speed things along. Often applications get bogged down in the system for seemingly no reason, and it can take legal action to get things moving forward again. This is common in situations where an application needs transferring from one office to another, and it can happen if you move from one city to another in the middle of the application process. 

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