Don’t Risk Your Future: Why You Need An Immigration Attorney Right Away

If you've come into the United States illegally, you need to hire an immigration attorney as quickly as possible. The current immigration climate in the United States makes it crucial that you have legal representation, especially if you happen to be detained by immigration services. If you can't afford legal representation, there are services available to help you. Here are just four of the reasons why you need an immigration attorney:

Keep Your Family Together

With families being separated once they're detained for immigration, you need to make sure that doesn't happen to you. There are actions that can be taken that can help you and your family stay together while your petition for immigration status is processed. If your family has already been detained and separated, an attorney can help you get reunited with your family. However, you need to act quickly.

File Your Paperwork Properly

When it comes to filing paperwork for immigration status, it's important that it get filed properly. The process can be lengthy and confusing. If any of the paperwork is filled out incorrectly, or deadlines are missed, your entire petition will be returned to you. Unfortunately, those delays can be disastrous when you're waiting to have your immigration status processed. Don't take chances with costly mistakes. You need an immigration attorney to file your paperwork for you.

Track Your Petition

Once your petition is completed, it will be submitted to the United States government. From there, it will make it's way through the system. It's important to remember that your petition will be processed with all the other immigration petitions that are being submitted. It can be easy for petitions to get lost in the shuffle if you don't know how to track them. That's where your immigration attorney will come into the picture. They'll track your petition from start to finish, always knowing where it is in the system. If your petition gets stalled, they'll know what actions to take to get it moving through the system again.

Respond Quickly to Denial

If your petition is denied, which it might be, you'll need to respond quickly. As soon as a petition is denied, the deportation process begins. Unfortunately, that process can move quite quickly, which means you'll need to be ready to file an appeal. If you have an immigration attorney, they'll handle the appeal for you. As soon as the denial is issued, they'll move to begin the appeal process, which will postpone the deportation motion.